Who We Are

We are part of One Community Organisation which is a registered Charity that works with and supports the Deaf/Blind and those with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

In the Muslim world unfortunately there is lack of Islamic support and education for those with SEN and with over 11 million Deaf/Hard of Hearing in the UK and least 250,000 people in the UK are living with both sight loss and dementia.

Since 2009 One Community has been providing essential islamic programs for the SEN and as Muslims we know that the heart of the community is the Masjid.

Unfortunately the majority or 99% of all the Masjids in the world has no facilities or caters for the DeafBlind & SEN communities.

Masab, (Masjid Al-Samee Al-Basir) Masjid of the all seeing the all hearing is the masjid that caters for all Human beings regardless of Race, Gender, Disability or Abilities by having

MASAB is a unique Masjid for all communities without discrimination towards any disabilities being the heart of the Deaf/Blind & SEN Community.